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Motivational, Affective, Social, and Cultural Aspects in Knowledge Management, Collaboration, and Technology Enhanced Learning

This wiki is focussed on gathering material and events on motivational & affective aspects in technology-enhanced learning and related fields, e.g., knowledge management, or social software. It also covers aspects related to the interdependence of organizational culture and motivational or affective aspects. It has been initiated as a result of the MATEL 2010 workshop at Barcelona.

To contribute to the wiki, you need an account. Just request an account from here - you can fill out information about yourself, which will then appear as an overview. This way you will also be added to the mailing list.

New: We are creating a bibliography on Mendeley around MATEL topics.

This site is maintained by Andreas P. Schmidt (Google+) from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. Contact me at if you have any questions.

International Events

National Events