Track on Knowledge Maturing & Organizational Development

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Thursday, October 21, 13:45 - 15:15 + 15:30 - 16:30 Experience Exchange Session

In our fast-changing economy, companies need to be capable of adapting quickly to a changing environment. This agility is only possible if companies adopt new ways of knowledge and competence development. The knowledge maturing approach aims at making these developments more continuous by overcoming barriers and disruptions, which is tightly coupled to organizational development processes.

Within the track, results from a large-scale European study on knowledge maturing are presented, which analyze barriers and specific conditions like organizational culture that affect knowledge maturing. Case studies from companies share the lessons learnt from successes and failures of such organizational development processes.

In the experience exchange session, we will collect the experiences from the participants on the impact of organizational culture on sharing and developing knowledge within an organization. Also participants will be able to discuss about organizational development processes.


Knowledge Maturing & Organisational Culture: Results from a European Study
Andreas Schmidt,
FZI Research Center for Information Technologies, Germany

Competence Management as a Strategic Human Resource Development Instrument at EnBW
Ernst Biesalski,
EnBW AG, Germany

Knowledge Maturing as a means for Requirements Engineering
René Peinl,
IPI GmbH, Germany

It's tools! It's people! - Communicating KM Initiatives
Marie-Luise Groß,
SAP AG, Germany